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CalGreen Compliance & Verification Services 

As a ICC Certified CalGreen Inspector, our services includes: 


  • CalGreen Checklist Preparation

  • Plan review to determine CalGreen compliance

  • Site verification visits to confirm compliance to CalGreen

  • Advising project team on CalGreen requirements and how to comply 

  • Sign-off by a certified CalGreen inspector as required by

         local cities as needed to obtaining final occupancy permit


Why use CPG as your CalGreen advisor?


  • We are experienced.  CPG has sucessfully provided CalGreen services for hundred projects throughout California.  

  • We understand CalGreen.  As former land development professionals and city planners for local cities we uniquely understand the CalGreen code and its requirements.

  • Our experience counts.  We will outline and assist your team on how to comply to CalGreen in a cost effective manner and make sure your plan reviewer signs off on your permit without any hold ups in the permit process.


About CalGreen:


CALGreen, the country’s first green building code, is required for all new projects in California. While designed to ensure a base level of green building measures are met for all new construction projects in the state, the implementation of the code by local building departments varies greatly.


With a certified ICC CalGreen compliance consultants on staff, CPG provides full project management services to ensure compliance under CALGreen. We also provide indepth training workshops for architects, contractors, and city officials to review the new code requirements, examine how CALGreen compares to other third party rating systems like LEED and provide tips and tools to navigate the submittal and review process.


Cities across the country are adopting similar green building requirements at a rapid rate. These requirements can often be complex and confusing.  CPG Consultants will help you navigate the multitude of CalGreen compliance requirements now in place in many municipalities throughout the country.  CPG works with building owners, designers, and contractors throughout the design, permitting and construction process to help ensure full code compliance and documentation requirements are met.  We will work with the team early in the design process, meet with local officials to review documentation and get you what you need to earn your planning approvals and building permits. 


For municipalities requiring a licensed Green Building Compliance Professional of Record, CPG Consultants provides sign-off and verification services.


Our CalGreen Compliance Clients Include: (short list)


  • Pieology Pizzeria (Cupertino, CA)

  • Penhaligon's, Rodeo Drive - Men's perfume retail store (Beverley Hills)

  • Cannery Park, Mixed-Use Mid-Rise Residential project in San Jose' Japantown (San Jose, CA)

  • Robert Graham, Men's clothing store (San Diego, CA)

  • 3814 MacArthur Blvd (Oakland, CA) CalGreen services for a new medical office and retail building

  • Leonard Residence (Los Altos, CA)

  • Uptown residences, a new 250-unit apartment mid rise building (Oakland, CA)

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