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Green Building Certification Services


GreenPoint Rated

GreenPoint Rated is a third party-green building rating system administered by Build It Green and is required by several cities in California.  Tailored for residential projects, GreenPoint Rated is an approved rating systems for federal government tax incentive programs and is required by several cities in California to fulfill green building ordinances.  CPG provides full GreenPoint Rated compliance from design through to construction.  CPG Green is able to assist with New Home and Existing Home certification.







Our GreenPoint Rater Services include:


  • Checklist Preparation

  • Site Verification Services 

  • Initial client/consultant meeting to review the GreenPoint Rated (GPR) checklist

  • Coordinating with the planning/building department

  • Completing and submitting the GPR Checklist and application to Build It Green (BIG)

  • Completing and submitting a pre-construction and pre-demolition debris recovery plan

  • Plan check - to ensure proposed plan(s) meeting the GPR checklist requirements

  • Rough inspection and final inspection to jobsite

  • Review of all documentation and final submission of all materials to Build It Green

  • Green building advising to achieve targeted Green Point Rated goals


Cities We Serve All Cities, Counties that have GreenPoint Rated requirements in Northern and Southern California.  Some of the Cities we serve include: 


  • City & County of San Francisco

  • City of San Jose

  • City of Oakland

  • City of Hayward

  • County of Santa Clara

  • County of Sonoma 

  • City of Palo Alto

  • City of Mountain View

  • City of Long Beach





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